NHMRC has created an online pathway for community and professional groups to propose ideas for health research topics or questions, which may be developed into a targeted call for research to invite grant applications.

Ideas should focus on research that has the potential to: 

  • improve health outcomes for the community
  • reduce the burden of disease on the health system and Australian economy
  • contribute to the global research effort.

Proposals must suggest a research question/topic that would benefit from a call for research applications, rather than request grant funding or partnership with NHMRC.

Making a submission

NHMRC invites all community and professional groups to make a submission.  Proposals from individuals, without the support of a community or professional group, will not be considered by the committee. All submissions must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Focus on areas where there is a significant knowledge gap or an opportunity to greatly advance our understanding of a health issue.
  • Link to Australian Government Priorities, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, or to Ministerially-agreed State and Territory health research priorities.

NHMRC encourages the online submission to detail established links with researchers and/or other advocacy groups to demonstrate a high quality evidence base.  

The system will give you the ability to submit your response via a secure online form. It also provides you with the ability to upload your submission template provided in the link below.

Register for the online pathway to submit a TCR proposal.

TCR Submission template - see 'Downloads' section below

The Pathway will allow submission of proposals throughout the year, for a bi-annual review and prioritisation process.

The deadline for community and professional groups to propose TCR topics through the Online Pathway for Cycle 2, 2019 has been extended:

Final submission date for review in Cycle 2, 2019 (extended) 31 October 2019

Submission guidance

The Guidance on How to Address the Principles for Consideration of a TCR in a TCR Proposal should be followed when preparing a proposal.  The Framework for the Identification and Prioritisation of Targeted Calls for Research outlines specific criteria for assessing a proposal.

Framework for identification and prioritisation of Targeted Calls for Research - see 'Downloads' section below

Guidance on how to address the Principles for Consideration of a TCR in a TCR Proposal - see 'Downloads' section below

Submissions that do not follow this guidance will not be considered by the Prioritisation Committee. Proposals that are requesting grant funding/partnership with NHMRC will also not be considered by the committee.

Review of proposals

NHMRC will conduct a bi-annual review to confirm that submitted proposals meet the relevant criteria.  All eligible proposals, including those reviewed in previous cycles, will then be prioritised and recommendations will be made to the NHMRC Research Committee for consideration. Planned Targeted Calls for Research may be reprioritised to accommodate new proposals of higher priority.