The translation of health and medical research provides the best opportunity for populations to receive excellent health care and drive advances and breakthroughs in health care in Australia. 

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has recognised leading centres of collaboration in Australia that excel in the provision of research-based health care and training through the Research Translation Centre Initiative (the Initiative) since 2014.

Through accreditation, we are recognising the value of leadership and excellence in research, translation, collaboration, and the training of health professionals and other end-users in an evidence-based environment. By recognising established excellent collaborations, we also seek to encourage the development of other high-quality collaborations across the country.

NHMRC reviewed its Research Translation Centre Initiative in 2019–21 and made some changes to the initiative. A report on the outcomes of the Review is available in the downloads (below).

NHMRC accreditation

NHMRC accreditation is valid for up to 5 years.

To be accredited as a Research Translation Centre, interested groups must be an established collaboration and meet our assessment criteria, including evidence of what it has achieved already, beyond the achievement of its individual partners. Groups are not accredited on the basis of future plans. Applications for accreditation are assessed by an expert panel using the assessment criteria.

NHMRC-accredited Research Translation Centres

There are 11 NHMRC-accredited Research Translation Centres in Australia, as listed in the following section. As a result of the 2021 Call for submissions for accreditation, Top End Academic Health Partners in Northern Territory was accredited for the first time and 9 other centres were accredited for a second term. See the Report on the outcome of the 2021 Call.

Research Translation Centres collaborate nationally as the Australian Health Research Alliance.

Emerging centres

For the first time, we have also recognised collaborations that are emerging Research Translation Centres. While these collaborations are not accredited, they are considered to have the potential to achieve the required characteristics for accreditation, but need more time to develop in particular areas:

  • Tasmanian Collaboration for Health Improvement
  • Western Alliance Academic Health Science Centre
  • WA Rural Research and Innovation Alliance.

What do the Research Translation Centres do and why? 

In 2019, representatives of accredited centres at the time told us about the work they undertake independently and together to drive improvements in health services and clinical trials in Australia, and their work with end-users of research, to ensure that their research is informed by a range of perspectives and identified needs. Centres also report their progress and impact to us as part of the accreditation.

For more information watch the videos about What are the Translation Centres doing and why?

Current opportunities

There are currently no opportunities to apply for Research Translation Centre accreditation.

Any future accreditation/ re-accreditation rounds will be timed to align with the 5-year accreditation period.

Questions relating to the Research Translation Centre Initiative can be emailed to:

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