The translation of health and medical research provides the best opportunity for populations to receive excellent health care and drive advances and breakthroughs in health care in Australia. 

NHMRC has recognised leading centres of collaboration in Australia that excel in the provision of research based health care and training through the Research Translation Centre Initiative (the Initiative) since 2014.

Through accreditation, NHMRC is recognising the value of leadership and excellence in research, translation, collaboration, and the training of health professionals in an evidence-based environment. By recognising these existing excellent collaborations, NHMRC also seeks to encourage the development of other high-quality collaborations across the country.

Review of the Research Translation Centre Initiative

Following a review of the Research Translation Centre Initiative in 2019–21, NHMRC has made some changes to the initiative for the next call (now open) for applications from collaborations seeking accreditation. A report on the outcomes of the Review is available below.  

NHMRC accreditation

NHMRC accreditation is valid for up to five years.

To be accredited as a Research Translation Centre, interested groups must be an established partnership and meet NHMRC’s assessment criteria. These criteria will be available when the call for accreditation opens. Applications for accreditation are assessed by a panel using the criteria for accreditation. Each panel provides a report following its assessment and feedback for applicants. Panel reports can be downloaded below.

NHMRC accredited Research Translation Centres

To date NHMRC has accredited ten centres as either an Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre (AHRTC) or a Centre for Innovation in Regional Health (CIRH). These centres have formed the Australian Health Research Alliance to collaborate nationally on a number of priorities it has identified.

What do the Research Translation Centres do and why? 

In 2019, representatives of accredited centres told us about the work they undertake independently and together to drive improvements in health services and clinical trials in Australia, and their work with end-users of research, to ensure that their research is informed by a range of perspectives and identified needs. Centres have also reported their progress to NHMRC.

More information about Research Translation Centres

Future opportunities

NHMRC invites applications for accreditation under a revised model following consideration of the outcomes of the review of its Research Translation Centre initiative. Applications must address the requirements in the Call for submissions for accreditation (2021) using the application form provided (Download both below). 

Applications close 11:59 pm (AEDT) Friday 21 January 2022.

Please note: While the rest of the application is due by Friday 21 January 2022, the letter(s) of support from the relevant state or territory health department(s) may be submitted by 11:59 pm (AEDT) Friday 18 February 2022.  

The Clarifications for Applicants document listed below contains clarifications in relation to the Call for submissions for accreditation (2021) based on queries or requests for clarification that NHMRC has received. It will be updated throughout the application period as necessary. Accordingly, applicants should monitor this webpage periodically. Any questions relating to the Call for Submissions for Accreditation (2021) must be submitted in writing to:
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Closed opportunities

Information about previous opportunities is available below: 

  • 2018 Call for AHRTC and CIRH submissions 
  • 2016 Call for AHRTC and CIRH submissions
  • 2014 Call for AHRTC submissions 


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