A Targeted Call for Research (TCR) is a one-time request for grant applications to address a specific health issue where there is a significant research knowledge gap or unmet need. A TCR specifies the scope and objectives of the research to be proposed, application requirements and procedures, and the review criteria to be applied in the evaluation of applications submitted in response to the TCR.

In alignment with our Corporate Plan, a TCR is designed to stimulate research or build research capacity in a particular area of health and medical science to the benefit of Australians.

TCRs complement our existing suite of funding schemes by providing a mechanism to respond to emerging research needs and prioritising potential topics according to relative urgency and impact.

Open TCRs

There are currently no open TCRs.

Upcoming TCRs

  • Building the capacity of the Australian health system to improve the health, wellbeing and lives of LGBTIQ+ people in Australia
  • Enhancing infection prevention and control in residential aged care facilities
  • Telehealth – ensuring quality and safety in healthcare

Recently closed TCRs

Further information on all TCR grant opportunities is available via GrantConnect.

Outcomes of past TCRs

Available from the downloads section (below) is the Funding outcomes for past Targeted Calls for Research.

Framework for identifying and prioritising Targeted Calls for Research

The framework (see Downloads section, below) describes our process for identifying, prioritising and approving TCR topics. TCR topics are identified through several different channels as in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Process flowchart for the identification, prioritisation and approval of TCRs

We aim to conduct one TCR from each channel per year – see the following indicative annual schedule.

Indicative annual schedule

Figure 2 illustrates the TCR scheme cycle. For each channel, there will generally be a TCR underway and a TCR in development for the following year.

The timeline for 2020 was disrupted due to the impact of COVID-19.
Figure 2: TCR scheme cycle

Community Research Priorities Portal

The Community Research Priorities Portal enables community and professional groups to submit research topics to us that may be underfunded or have a significant research knowledge gap. If prioritised, submissions may be developed into a TCR.

For more information, visit the Community Research Priorities Portal.


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