This funding scheme provides funding and support to create new opportunities for researchers and policy makers to work together to define research questions, undertake research, interpret the findings and implement the findings into policy and practice.

Partnership Projects create partnerships among decision makers, policy makers, managers, clinicians and researchers. Partnership Projects answer a specific research question to influence health and well-being through changes in the delivery, organisation, funding and access to health services.

Continuous application process 

This scheme allows applicants to apply at any time during the year rather than through just one annual round. This is to allow researchers and partner organisations to develop timely collaborations. The grant commencement date will be aligned with the timing of each peer review cycle. This allows funding to be administered more quickly after grants are awarded provided all necessary documentation is in place.

Key Dates




Applications Open 13 January 2021 25 March 2021 29 July 2021

NHMRC Approved Administering Institutions waiver due

10 March 2021

14 July 2021

3 November 2021

Minimum data due

24 March 2021

28 July 2021

17 November 2021

Applications close

7 April 2021

12 August 2021

1 December 2021

Peer Review Meetings

20-21 July 2021 

16-17 November 2021

22-23 March 2022

Peer Review Cycles 

Applications will proceed to peer review depending on when they are submitted to NHMRC. For example, for an application to be peer reviewed in the first Peer Review Cycle (PRC 1); applicants must ensure minimum data requirements are met by 24 March 2021, and the application must be submitted by 7 April 2021. Applications that have met minimum data requirements but are not submitted by the application due date will remain active. The applicant may continue to work on the application and submit to the next available PRC.

Any application which was started but was not submitted by close of applications for PRC3, 1 December 2021, will need to reapply in 2022.

NHMRC Administering Institutions Partner Waiver

NHMRC Approved Administering Institutions (Administering Institutions) cannot be named as a partner on a Partnership Project application, unless they:

  • are an organisation which primarily delivers health policy and/or health services, and
  • obtain a waiver from NHMRC.

This is consistent with the description and objectives of the scheme, which includes the aim to create partnerships among decision makers, policy makers, managers, clinicians and researchers to improve the translation of research evidence into health policy and health practice.

This policy includes organisations that fall under the ‘umbrella’ of an Administering Institution (such as having the same ABN/CAN, falls under the same governance, or is not a legal entity of its own and falls under the auspices of an Administering Institution).

An Administering Institution that is primarily involved in delivering health policy and/or health services can apply for a waiver. Requests for waivers need to be made through the Research Administration Office of the Administering Institution that is applying for the waiver.

Completed request for wavier forms (available below) must be emailed to by the relevant date (see Partnership Projects 2021 Guidelines). The waiver request must clearly outline why the Administering Institution should be considered as a partner organisation.

Waiver requests that fail to address each of the points within the form will be denied.

Following assessment, NHMRC will provide written advice concerning the decision. Approved waivers will be valid for any Partnership Project applications submitted for the remainder of the calendar year, commencing from the date of the written advice.

Administering Institutions that do not obtain a waiver may be listed as a participating institute, if appropriate, however any contributions will not be considered ‘partner funding’ and therefore matched funding will not be provided.

Applications that name Administering Institutions as partners (without obtaining a waiver) may be deemed ineligible.

Due dates for the submission of waivers can be found in the Partnership Projects 2021 Guidelines.

Grant at a glance

Duration of funding
5 years
Level of funding

Outcomes of funding rounds

Before you submit an application, please make sure you have:


Grant submission advice

Read all relevant reference material

GrantConnect GO Documents


Liaise with your Administering Institution

to identify any specific requirements that the institution may have


Ensure your application is complete and correct.


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