The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is working to reduce the grant application and assessment related burden on the health and medical research community.

Sapphire Supporting Research Excellence

NHMRC is excited to have launched the new NHMRC grant management solution, Sapphire. Researchers and RAOs now have access to view and update their profile information in Sapphire. The first grant round opened in Sapphire on 26 February 2020. Applications for all future grant opportunities will be received in Sapphire. 

Update – 7 May 2020

The Development Grants Sapphire pilot is continuing with the launch of the Assessment module on 7 May 2020. Assessments for all other grant opportunities will continue to be managed in RGMS until otherwise advised.

NHMRC has also made further improvements to core minimum data displayed on the minimum data dashboard, with data from applications now updated in near real-time. 

Update – 24 March 2020

NHMRC has made enhancements to Sapphire following feedback from researchers and RAOs involved in the Development Grants 2020 Application Pilot. New functionality includes the following:

  • More than one user can view an application concurrently (including RAOs). 
  • All RAOs (Primary RAO and Additional RAOs) will receive emails from Sapphire when an application is submitted to the RAO.
  • The RAO Dashboard is refreshed every 5 minutes (down from 2 hour delay previously). 

Sapphire is a significant and complex project and NHMRC has taken a cautious and staged approach to its implementation. Sapphire will continue to be updated and improved. 

Researchers should confirm all Profile data is complete and up-to-date prior to submitting an application. A summary of the key changes for Sapphire Profile and NHMRC’s recommendations for checking your profile data is available here. If you have any questions or concerns about your migrated profile data, please contact the Research Help Centre

Peer reviewers and active grants

Until further notice, RGMS will continue to be used for:

  • peer review processes and
  • postaward management of active grants, including grant variations, reporting and payments.

How do I activate my Sapphire account? 

If you have an existing RGMS account you can activate your own account. Open the Sapphire landing page and click “Activate my account”. Your Sapphire ‘user name’ is your primary email address. 

If you need to use Sapphire but do not have an RGMS account

If you do not have an RGMS Profile you will need to register for an account through the form on the Sapphire landing page by clicking on “I need to register”. 

If you are a current Sapphire user

No further action is required. You may log in to Sapphire to access your account. 

If you are an RAO

If you are an RAO with a current Sapphire account, no further action is required. If you are an RAO and have not established an RAO Account in Sapphire you are required to contact the Research Help Centre.

Development Grants 2020 pilot update 

Development Grants 2020 has now closed for applications in Sapphire. 

In late 2019, NHMRC successfully piloted the Application and Profile modules of Sapphire using the Development Grants 2020 Round. A number of improvements have subsequently been made to Sapphire since the pilot in response to RAO and applicant feedback.

NHMRC has completed the planned pilot for declaring conflict of interest and peer review suitability in Sapphire. A survey has been sent to all peer reviewers involved in conducting the pilot to seek their feedback. The results and feedback from this survey will help inform future enhancements of Sapphire’s Assign functionality. 

The Development Grants Sapphire pilot is continuing with the launch of the Assessment module on 7 May 2020.

For details regarding the Development Grants 2020 peer review process, please refer to the Development Grants 2020 web page.