NHMRC Corporate Plan 2021–22 booklet on table

NHMRC Corporate Plan 2021–22

NHMRC has released its Corporate Plan for 2021–22, detailing our strategy for health and medical research and updated strategic and health priorities for 2021–22 and beyond.

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Expertise and transparency underpin review of Australian Dietary Guidelines

Experts to review the Australian Dietary Guidelines 

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$472 million investment in Australia’s health and medical research future

Almost half a billion dollars in funding for health and medical research.


Crossing disciplines to answer complex research questions

University of Adelaide's Professor Ian Olver received the 2021 NHMRC Ethics Award in recognition of his significant contribution to Australian health and medical research ethics over the last decade. As chair of NHMRC’s Australian Health Ethics Committee, and as a valued member of NHMRC Council from 2012 to 2018, his balanced and considered leadership style and willingness to engage sensitively on tough issues supported a wider understanding of the ethical impact of emerging health and medical research innovations and technologies.