We seek to attract, develop and retain a diverse, enthusiastic and high-performing workforce. To help us in achieving this, we maintain a register of interested applicants that managers may search to fill temporary (non-ongoing) roles up to a period of 18 months. 

We may use the register to fill short term full-time or part-time positions, depending on business needs. You can read more about our benefits and conditions in the NHMRC Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019. In addition, the Australian Public Service Commissioner approved a Section24(1) Determination – National Health and Medical Council Non-SES Employees Determination 2020 which outlines the salary and allowance rates for the agency from 2020-2023.

NHMRC offers employment opportunities across a wide range of disciplines including:

  • accounting and finance
  • administration 
  • data analysis
  • database development and management
  • digital transformation 
  • ethics and research integrity
  • evaluation
  • governance and risk
  • grant management
  • guideline development
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • law
  • media, communications and marketing
  • peer review
  • policy development 
  • program design and implementation
  • procurement and contracting
  • project management
  • records management
  • science and research
  • secretariat
  • service delivery.

Keeping registrations current

To ensure our register contains current application details every 12 months we will invite you via email to review and resubmit your application if you wish to be registered for temporary employment opportunities. You may update your resume or withdraw your application at any time.


To be eligible for temporary (non-ongoing) employment at NHMRC, applicants should:
•    hold Australian citizenship 
•    be willing to undergo an Australian Federal Police check.

You can apply at any time. Read more about the work we do and why we do it on our website.


This register is intended for non-ongoing opportunities only and applicants should have no expectation of gaining ongoing employment.

There is no guarantee that any work will be available, and the nature of casual work means there can be no expectation of work of any particular pattern or duration.

Non-ongoing opportunities may be offered for a specified term, specified task or for casual engagements. Register your interest on NHMRC's eRecruit website.