We publish corporate plans and annual reports in line with the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. Our corporate plan sets our direction and objectives, while our annual report shows how we have performed in achieving our objectives. 

Corporate Plan

NHMRC's corporate plan presents our national strategy for health and medical research aligned with our 3 strategic purposes of investment, translation and integrity. It includes updated strategic priorities and health priorities and outlines our planned key activities over the next 4 years. It also describes the operating context in which we work and our performance criteria and targets for that period.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports outline the work NHMRC has achieved each financial year as we deliver services and programs. The reports contain information on NHMRC administration and performance, and a record of our activities for the reporting period.

Older reports

The current and previous 5 years of NHMRC annual reports and corporate plans are accessible in the download section of this page and listed on NHMRC publications. Older reports, plans and other corporate documents are available on the National Library's Australian Government Web Archive (Trove). These include NHMRC reports upon work under the Medical Research Endowment Act dating from the 1930s, annual reports dating from the 1960s and strategic plans dating from the 1990s.


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