NHMRC has developed the following resources to provide information and advice to clinicians and researchers on genetics or genomics and human health.

Clinical Utility of Personalised Medicine  

This resource seeks to support health professionals in understanding the applications, utility and limitations of personalised medicine in clinical care. This resource is more than five years old and may not reflect current evidence or best practice. It is located on the Australian Government web archive:

Medical Genetic Testing: Information for Health Professionals  

This resource supports health professionals in assisting patients with genetic tests and interpreting results in the context of clinical decision making.

Principles for the Translation of ‘Omics’-Based Tests from Discovery to Health Care  

These principles are designed to assist researchers and clinicians in translating omics-based discoveries into validated tests that are clinically useful.

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

These resources provide health professionals with information to assist them when patients present with Direct-to-Consumer genetic DNA tests or when patients wish to discuss the option of purchasing such tests.

Biobanks Information Paper  

This resource provides information relevant to the establishment, management and governance of biobanks in Australia.  It identifies best practice in regard to standardisation of biobank policies, practices and procedures based upon national and international literature.