Grant outcomes for the 2024 NHMRC grant application round will be provided incrementally throughout the year. The outcome datasets may include a small number of schemes for which applications closed in the previous year.

To date, the 2024 NHMRC grant application round has resulted in the commitment of more than $512.7 million to fund 274 grants for health and medical research.

Results of NHMRC grant application rounds

Table: Results of NHMRC grant application rounds
Previous application rounds201320142015201620172018201920201202120222023
1 Commitments in 2020 were lower than expected due to the delay of the Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grant round and Synergy Grant rounds impacted by COVID-19. 
Total commitments ($ million)$812.0$780.6$896.1$828.8$877.7$783.3$923.2$760.2$986.1$900.0$908.3
Total number of new grants1,2261,0901,1321,0561,1031,045857740777725686

A summary of results for grant application rounds, for each year, is also available from the Download section below.

Information on the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) can be found from the Department of Health and Aged Care.

For announcement timing and embargo information see Timing of grant announcements and embargo.


Factsheets provide a quick reference point to key statistics on the outcomes of the grant rounds. You can find the Factsheets on the individual scheme pages:


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