The pocket book Infection prevention and control in residential and community aged care provides advice to assistants in nursing, community care, personal care and ancillary staff.

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Infection prevention and control in residential and community aged care is a pocket book developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Department of Health.  This was undertaken in consultation with a range of stakeholders, and was pilot tested in several care settings. 

The pocket book provides information on the key principles of infection prevention and control for the residential aged care (RAC) and community aged care (CAC) community.  It provides advice to Assistants in Nursing, Community Care Assistants, Personal Care Workers and ancillary staff about integrating the principles of infection prevention and control into every aspect of their work.  The advice in the book is taken from the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare, which was published in 2010 by NHMRC.

The principles in the pocket book apply in non-hospital settings such as residential aged care facilities and community aged care. Infection prevention and control is an essential part of care and the responsibility of all staff providing care to older people.

The advice is presented in three parts:

  • Part A includes information that is relevant to all health care and personal care workers in aged care, including:
    • The causes of infection and how infections are spread (Section 1)
    • Essential work practices that stop the spread of infectious agents and are used during all care activities (Section 2).
  • Parts B and C highlight key aspects of infection prevention and control in each setting. Case studies are included to help you to know what to do in different situations. Part B is relevant for care workers in residential aged care, and Part C for care workers in community aged care.

Posters and fact sheets have also been developed and are available to download.

The posters provide messages on how to stop the spread of disease in RAC facilities, including messages on hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette and exclusion for staff in RAC as well as residents of and visitors to RAC facilities. 

The fact sheets provide information on healthcare-associated infections, indwelling devices and multi-resistant organisms, and area aimed at residents of aged care facilities and clients (and their families/carers) receiving care in the community.

Requests for the above document and any enquires should be directed to the Department of Health