The Australian Government has provided NHMRC with $2.5 million in funding to review the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines. The review will ensure the Guidelines remain a trusted resource by considering the best and most recent scientific evidence.

NHMRC has begun the task of revising the Guidelines, with the first step being a scan of the latest nutrition science research and evidence from Australia and overseas.

Diet is a huge topic. NHMRC will use existing evidence where available to update the evidence base underpinning the 2013 Guidelines and identify key gaps in the evidence base where new evidence reviews may be commissioned. Visit the Scope page for further information about the process.

How to get involved

NHMRC recognises the importance of stakeholder input into the revision of the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines.

A public call for systematic reviews was open from 1 August to 11 September 2023. To learn how any submitted systematic reviews will be considered, visit Priority research questions.

Other opportunities for stakeholders to get involved are outlined on Communication.

Dietary Guidelines contact list

NHMRC has created an Australian Dietary Guidelines contact list to provide stakeholders with updates on the revision process. All interested stakeholders are invited to subscribe to the Australian Dietary Guidelines contact list via the form below. NHMRC will use this contact list during the review to communicate opportunities for stakeholder involvement.

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