What will be considered in the scoping activities?

NHMRC will carry out a range of activities to make sure all relevant information is considered and prioritised for inclusion in the review. These activities are:

  • a stakeholder survey to understand how the Guidelines are used and identify possible topics for review
  • a literature scoping review which will determine if new evidence is available to add further support or question the recommendations of the current Guidelines, and 
  • a review of food-based dietary guidelines from other countries.

The completed scoping activities will be presented to the Dietary Guidelines Expert Committee for consideration and published on the NHMRC website.

2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines review stakeholder scoping survey

NHMRC has sought comments on: 

a) how the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines are used, and 

b) relevant topics to be considered and possibly included in the review of the Guidelines.

The survey closed 3pm (AEDT) on 15 March 2021.

Why was NHMRC seeking comments?

NHMRC will assess evidence on priority topics related to food and nutrition. An important step in the review is identifying relevant topics in food and nutrition that may be considered for inclusion in the review. This could include new topics not included in the current Guidelines or updating existing topics from the current Guidelines.

As part of the review process, NHMRC will consider how the current Guidelines are used and who is using them. This includes the Eat for Health resources such as the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

Who did NHMRC seek comments from?

We sought comments from people who use the Guidelines as part of their work, as well as individuals who use the Guidelines in their personal lives such as to plan meals for themselves or others.

Out of scope

The following types of responses were not considered:

  • detailed personal history/narratives 
  • personal medical information/records
  • opinion pieces/blogs/newspaper articles   
  • personal opinions regarding committee membership 
  • proposals or requests for funding of specific projects
  • recommendations or comments relating to any other Australian Government food and nutrition policy.

All responses were collected anonymously. 

Survey responses will be combined and the results published on the NHMRC website as part of the broader scoping activities. 

NHMRC values your privacy and handles your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.