24 February 2020

NHMRC is excited to announce the launch of the new NHMRC grant management solution, Sapphire. From today, researchers and RAOs will have access to view and update their profile information in Sapphire. Information on how to access Sapphire is available on the NHMRC Sapphire Website

NHMRC copied RGMS users’ CV/Profile data from RGMS for migration into Sapphire on Wednesday 12 February 2020 after 5.00pm (AEDT). Any changes made to an RGMS profile after this date have not been replicated in Sapphire. It is the responsibility of researchers to confirm all Profile data is complete and up to date prior to submitting an application. A summary of the key changes for Sapphire Profile and NHMRC’s recommendation for checking your profile data is available here. If you have any questions or concerns about your migrated profile data, please contact the Sapphire Help Desk.

Current Applicants using RGMS
All grant opportunities that are currently open will continue to accept applications through RGMS. Applicants to these grant opportunities should continue to update their profile and applications in RGMS in accordance with the relevant grant opportunity grant guidelines. 

Peer Reviewers and active grants
Until further notice, RGMS will continue to be used for peer review processes and postaward management of active grants, including grant variations, reporting and payments. 

Next Steps
The launch is stage one of Sapphire and it includes functionality to support user profiles and applications. This reflects NHMRC’s staged approach to the development and implementation of Sapphire. Sapphire will continue to be updated and improved over the life of the system.

The first grant round to open will be Synergy Grants on 26 February 2020. Applications for all future grant opportunities will be received in Sapphire. 

Where to go for assistance and help
Resources are available to assist you in navigating Sapphire, such as Help (a list of frequently asked questions and answers), how-to videos and access to the Sapphire Helpdesk. The Sapphire Helpdesk will be available by email and telephone to assist you with any questions and issues. 

We encourage you to provide feedback on your experience with the system, online tutorials and Help by completing the online feedback form, emailing or calling the Sapphire Helpdesk on 1800 500 983.

Your feedback will help NHMRC resolve any urgent issues and will help inform improvements to Sapphire.

We encourage you to visit the NHMRC Sapphire Website regularly to keep yourself informed.