26 June 2023

Sapphire update

The Sapphire module which supports application and grants management has received a necessary software platform upgrade which includes a new interface and functionalities.
New features in Sapphire include: 

  • Updated user interface
  • Configurable tables
  • Bulk approvals
  • Enhanced document upload 
  • In – system tour
  • Enabling enhanced security

To see what is new in Sapphire see the ‘What’s New’ documents on the Sapphire Help page (‘General’ > ‘What is new in Sapphire?’) These provide side-by-side screenshots of the new and previous version of the Sapphire module highlighting the changes.

The Acquittals functionality has also been updated with new features including updated validation and error reporting on upload, greater visibility of submitted financial reports, future dated reports in dashboards and interface improvements.

Training resources are being updated and will soon become available on the Sapphire Tutorial page.
If you require assistance following the release, please contact the Research Help Centre via email help@nhmrc.gov.au.

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