The NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research was established in 2015 to target and coordinate the $200 million national dementia research effort through the Boosting Dementia Research Initiative.

The NNIDR closed on 30 June 2020 having fulfilled its remit to target and coordinate the strategic expansion of dementia research under the $200 million Boosting Dementia Research Initiative (BDRI). The NNIDR has left a vastly more developed, independent, capable and mature dementia research sector as its legacy. The activities, outputs and resources developed by the NNIDR, and funded through the BDRI, will assist the dementia research effort for years to come.

The NNIDR was delivered by Dementia Australia through a services agreement with the NHMRC. NHMRC thanks and acknowledges the effort and commitment of Dementia Australia and NNIDR staff, as well as dementia researchers, consumers, carers, clinicians and those living with dementia for their engagement and contributions.

Key resources, reports and information on NNIDR initiatives are listed below and available in the download section of this page.


Strategic Roadmap for Dementia Research and Translation (2019)

The Strategic Roadmap for Dementia Research and Translation outlines current and emerging priorities for dementia research in Australia.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Dementia Research Action Plan (2020)

The CALD Action Plan includes the research priorities and guiding principles identified to increase inclusion of CALD Australians in dementia research, and improve dementia health and care equity for all Australians. The Action Plan was developed by the NNIDR and the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI). 

NHMRC is pleased to announce that NARI will take the lead role in promoting the uptake and integration of principles and priorities contained within the Action Plan into dementia research.

The Action Plan has been translated into a range of languages which are available for download from both the NHMRC and NARI websites

A video webinar on including culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) perspectives into dementia research can be viewed here.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Roadmap for Dementia Research Translation (2020)

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Roadmap for Dementia Research and Translation provides guidance to government, researchers, industry and philanthropy on Australia’s dementia research strategy and activity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities over the longer term. It is a companion document to the 2019 Strategic Roadmap for Dementia Research and Translation, recognising the differing priorities and guiding principles required to address the challenges of dementia in these communities.

You can learn more about our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Roadmap in this video.


Boosting Dementia Research Initiative Early Outcomes Report (2018)

The Early Outcomes Report is the first public report on research projects funded under the Boosting Dementia Research Initiative. The report profiles examples of funded research across five research priority areas - prevention, assessment and diagnosis, intervention and treatment, living with dementia, and care. 

Boosting Dementia Research Initiative 2014-2019 Report (2019)

A follow-up to the 2018 Early Outcomes Report, the 2014-2019 Report provides details of the 156 grants that have been awarded to 374 leading dementia researchers, working across 28 universities and research institutions through the five year $200 million Boosting Dementia Research Initiative. Six case studies are featured in the Report along with four researcher profiles, highlighting significant successes in dementia research across prevention, treatment, diagnosis and care. 

A Snapshot of High Potential Impact Research on Dementia in Australia (2020)

The report provides a snapshot of research on dementia and cognitive decline that has high potential to provide a beneficial impact for the growing number of people living with dementia in Australia, and their carers and families. A short video has also been produced which provides personal reflections of a number of BDRI funded dementia researchers speaking about the significant impact of this substantial Government investment. The video is available to view here.


Australian Dementia Forum

The Australian Dementia Forum (ADF) is an annual forum, first convened in 2016, covering the full spectrum of dementia research in Australia. It has provided the dementia research sector with significant collaboration and coordination opportunities, bringing together researchers, health professionals, care providers, policy developers, and people living with dementia, their families and carers. ADF programs and abstract booklets are available from the download section of this page.

NNIDR Consumer and Community Involvement 

NNIDR’s Consumer and Community Involvement Reference Group (CCIRG) brought together people living with dementia, carers and researchers to provide a lived experience perspective to dementia research policy development and NNIDR projects. 

One significant output of the CCIRG is the recently released Becoming involved in research – A guide for people living with dementia, their care partners and family members. This booklet provides useful practical guidance, information and advice for anyone that is interested in getting involved in dementia research projects.

Resources such as the consumer booklet complement NHMRC’s consumer and community involvement strategy. More information about NHMRC’s consumer and community engagement across the full spectrum of health and medical research can be found on the NHMRC website.

Brain Banking

NNIDR engaged independent consultants to review domestic and international brain banks. The Dementia Brain Banking in Australia report provides an overall evaluation of existing brain banking arrangements and options for future models to support dementia research.


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