Our peer review process is integral to supporting the best health and medical research in Australia. 

Rigorous review of applications for NHMRC funding ensures transparency, probity and fairness. The peer review of all NHMRC funding schemes is underpinned by NHMRC’s Principles of Peer Review.

Funding rules

NHMRC funding rules help to ensure that all researchers have equal access to the support they need, and that we provide funding to the highest-quality research and researchers. All funding rules are available on GrantConnect.

New Grant Program 2019: Peer Review Factsheet

The New Grant Program 2019: Peer Review Factsheet is intended to supplement information provided within NHMRC scheme’s Grant Guidelines and Peer Review Guidelines and provides details of key peer review processes used in the first round of Investigator Grants.

Project Grant Applicant Response Periods 2018

For the purposes of peer review, each Project Grant application is assigned to one of two applicant response periods according to the Grant Review Panel (GRP) week in which it will be reviewed. As such, requests for NHMRC to move applications between periods cannot be considered. 

The timeframes for the release of Assessor Reports and submission of Applicant Responses (rebuttals) in each period for 2018 are as follows:

Applications being reviewed in Period 1

  • Release of Assessor Reports: Friday 8 June 2018
  • Submission deadline for Applicant Responses (rebuttals): 23:59 AEST Monday 18 June 2018

Applications being reviewed in Period 2

  • Release of Assessor Reports:  Friday 29 June 2018
  • Submission deadline for Applicant Responses (rebuttals): 23:59 AEST Monday 9 July 2018

The Assessor Report release date for each Project Grant application can be viewed at the link below. Applicants subsequently have 10 calendar days to submit an Applicant Response (rebuttal). Applicants should notify NHMRC via email at projects@nhmrc.gov.au should they have any concerns regarding their Assessor Report.

2018 Project Grant Assessor Report Release Dates - See 'Downloads' section 

Guide to NHMRC Peer review 2018

A Guide to NHMRC Peer Review describes how NHMRC’s Principles of Peer Review are applied to the process of grant application peer review.

NHMRC’s Principles of peer review

The peer review of all NHMRC funding schemes is underpinned by NHMRC’s Principles of Peer Review.

Guide to evaluating industry–relevant experience

Peer reviewers should appropriately recognise an applicant’s industry-relevant experience and outputs. To assist peer reviewers with their assessment, a Guide to Evaluating Industry – Relevant Experience is provided below.

Guiding Principles for Peer Review Panel Membership Nomination and Appointments

Nominations and appointments of NHMRC Peer Review Panel (PRP) members across any NHMRC scheme should be guided by the below principles:

Guide to self-nomination to peer review

NHMRC invites researchers to self-nominate for consideration to undertake peer review for our funding schemes. A guide to self-nomination has been developed to assist researchers to consider which funding scheme would be most appropriate.

NHMRC Assigners Academy

The NHMRC Assigners Academy is a prestigious body of eminent researchers that enhances NHMRC's peer review processes by giving independent expert advice to NHMRC's CEO. In particular, the role of the Academy will be to assist in identifying the most suitable experts to undertake the peer review tasks.

NHMRC Grant Review Panels induction 2017

NHMRC Grant Review Panels (GRP) videos that provide a brief overview of the 2017 Project Grants peer review process are available on the NHMRC website.

Peer review honour roll

The effectiveness and sustainability of NHMRC peer review processes depends on researchers with excellent track records and wide-ranging expertise in Australian and international health and medical research fields who contribute as panel members and external assessors, and individuals from the broader community who independently observe and report on processes and proceedings used by NHMRC grant review panels.

Yearly Honour Rolls of Peer Review Panel Members, Community Observers and External Assessors who have contributed to NHMRC peer review processes are provided below.

NHMRC thanks all researchers for their contributions and asks institutions to include such service to medical research in their appointments and promotions activities.


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