Grants funded by the NHMRC are offered in accordance with the NHMRC Funding Agreement (1 June 2023) between NHMRC and the Administering Institution.

Under the Funding Agreement, grant funds must only be spent in accordance with NHMRC's Direct Research Cost Guidelines and for the purposes of the peer reviewed, approved research.

Where there is a need to change the approved funding proposal, such as deferring the commencement of a grant, extending the end date of a grant, or transferring the administration of an NHMRC funded grant to a new Administering Institution and/or supervisor, grantees must submit a variation request in accordance with the NHMRC Grantee Variations Policy.

NHMRC's revised Funding Agreement (version effective 1 June 2023)

The 2023 NHMRC Funding Agreement has replaced the 2020 NHMRC Funding Agreement (see clause 17.2 Variation of this Agreement by NHMRC). Accordingly, the revised 2023 NHMRC Funding Agreement did not need to be executed by either party. This latest NHMRC Funding Agreement was finalised following our consideration of input provided through the consultation process with Administering Institutions in December 2022.

The 2023 NHMRC Funding Agreement includes the following changes:

  • Inclusion of both trading/preferred name and legal name of the Administering Institution in the Funding agreement.
  • Amended terminology of some definitions.
  • Additional definitions for Commencement Date, Data Breach, Financial Officer.
  • Amended wording to clauses 4.7 and 4.8 relating to data breaches.
  • Add wording to clause 6.2 and new clause 6.6 clarifying instances where NHMRC payment of grant money might be delayed or suspended.
  • Amended wording to clause 9.1 clarifying where reports are not submitted, NHMRC may exercise options under clause 15.
  • Add wording to clause 9.23 clarifying that in failure to submit the Institutional Annual Compliance Report, NHMRC may exercise options under clause 15.
  • Amended wording to clauses 12.9 -12.10 to align with the updated Open Access policy.
  • Amended wording to clause 29 and the subclauses clarifying requirements for Conflict-of-Interest management and declarations to NHMRC.
  • Amended wording to clause 32 Named Notified Personnel - Research Administration Officer(s), Responsible Officer(s), Financial Officer(s) and Chief Financial Officer to align with current definitions in Sapphire.

Compliance with laws

Under clauses 4.2, 5.5, 5.7 and 24 of the NHMRC Funding Agreement, Administering Institutions must comply, and require their Participating Institutions, research activities and applications to comply, with any applicable Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government requirement. This includes:

Direct research costs

Under the NHMRC Funding Agreement and Deeds of Agreement, NHMRC funds for a research activity may only be expended on the approved research activity's Direct Research Costs. The Direct Research Costs Guidelines provides advice on the expenditure of this funding. Contact the Research Administration Officer at your Administering Institution in the first instance, if you have any questions regarding Direct Research Costs. If further clarification is required, they should contact NHMRC on

Approved standards and guidelines

Under the Funding Agreement, Administering Institutions must comply, and require their Participating Institutions, research activities and applications to comply, with NHMRC-Approved standards and guidelines and any applicable NHMRC policies. This includes the following Approved standards and guidelines:


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