2018-21 NHMRC Council

Many thanks to the 2018-21 NHMRC Council

The 2018-21 NHMRC Council met for the last time in June. NHMRC CEO Professor Anne Kelso thanked outgoing Council and committee members “for their incredible support and wise advice during an extraordinary three years that has spanned the introduction of NHMRC’s new grant program in late 2018 through to COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021”.

“As we look back on the first 18 months of the pandemic, there are many lessons for us at NHMRC and for the wider research sector.”

Read an extract of CEO Professor Anne Kelso's opening remarks announcing the Research Excellence Awards which also marked the final meeting of Council. 

Opening remarks



Getting to the cause of type 2 diabetes

The daily burden of living with diabetes can be significant. It’s estimated that people with diabetes face up to 180 diabetes-related decisions every day. That’s more than 65,000 extra decisions a year. These decisions can range from managing daily blood sugar levels, food intake and exercise to the management of serious diabetes complications.


Driven to improve mental health and intergenerational trauma through research

Having experienced two Indigenous internships with NHMRC, Vernon Armstrong has now started his journey in mental health research.

Image of optically barcoded colorectal cancer cells by Prof Fred Hollande

NHMRC Research Excellence Awards and Biennial Awards

The 2020 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards and 2021 NHMRC Biennial Awards were announced on 16 June 2021. Below is an extract of CEO Professor Anne Kelso's opening remarks before announcing the awards.