This page has information about the Australian Dietary Guidelines review.

Review of the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines

The Australian Government has announced that it will provide $2.5 million to the National Health and Medical Research Council to review the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines.

The review will ensure the Guidelines remain a trusted resource by considering the best and most recent scientific evidence.

NHMRC will soon begin the task of reviewing the Guidelines, with the first step being a scan of the latest nutrition science research and evidence from Australia and overseas.

Expression of interest in appointment to the Australian Dietary Guidelines Expert Committee

The members of the Expert Committee will be appointed based on their recognised expertise in areas such as evidence translation, epidemiology, research methodology, nutrition across the life cycle, food and health relationships and nutrition communication. The Expert Committee will include cultural and consumer representatives.

Candidates for the Australian Dietary Guidelines Expert Committee will be identified through two pathways:

  • The members of the NHMRC Council have been invited to suggest up to three suitable experts to be considered for the Expert Committee 
  • NHMRC is inviting expressions of interest from all interested stakeholders to be considered for the Expert Committee. 

Individuals who meet the selection criteria are invited to express their interest in a position on the Expert Committee. 

Applicants will be assessed against pre-determined criteria including the NHMRC Disclosure of Interests policy. Suitable candidates will be shortlisted and presented to the NHMRC CEO for consideration and subsequent appointment. 

All Expert Committee members will be appointed as independent experts, not as representatives of an organisation or jurisdiction.

More information on the appointment process and the selection criteria is available on the EOI submission page.

Only expressions of interest submitted through the EOI submission page will be considered. 

Applications close 3pm AEDT Wednesday 16 December 2020.

Questions about this process can be sent to

How can people get involved in the Australian Dietary Guidelines review process? 

NHMRC recognises the importance of stakeholder input into the review of the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines. NHMRC will give all interested parties the opportunity to contribute to the review so their needs and perspectives can be considered. The consultation opportunities include:

  • contributing through the stakeholder survey to determine the priorities of the review
  • submitting supporting scientific evidence 
  • participating in targeted and public consultation.

The full stakeholder consultation plan is available to download at the bottom of this page.

Identified opportunities for food industry involvement in the review of the Australian Dietary Guidelines

NHMRC will consult with the food industry directly at key points during the review process, including:

  1. Call for evidence during the development phase
  2. Public and targeted consultation on the draft Australian Dietary Guidelines
  3. Development of the implementation plan to support the revised Australian Dietary Guidelines. 

The food industry will also be invited to participate in all general stakeholder engagement opportunities.

Transparency and the Australian Dietary Guidelines review

To enhance transparency in the review of the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines, NHMRC has incorporated additional steps to share information with stakeholders. 

Stakeholder consultation

All stakeholders will be invited to participate in the formal consultation processes outlined above. All submissions received during public and targeted consultation will be published in full on NHMRC’s consultation portal unless NHMRC determines otherwise, for example where a submission is out of scope. As part of the invitation to participate, all stakeholders will receive a notification advising that any submission will be published in full.

Stakeholder communications

NHMRC will publish a communication log which summarises all meetings, correspondence and phone calls relating to the review of the Guidelines. The communication log will record the contact person/organisation, topic and the outcomes on the NHMRC website.

Exceptions to this process are routine requests from foreign governments and routine administrative meeting requests from other areas of government. Communication for the purpose of making a simple enquiry or request, unrelated to the development of the Guidelines, will not be published. 

All supporting evidence provided to NHMRC throughout the Guideline review process will be collated and made available to members of the public upon request. In-confidence material should not be submitted.

Expected timeline for the review process

Review activity Anticipated timeframe

Establishment of contact list

Final quarter 2020

Horizon scan for new evidence 

First quarter 2021

Expert Committee appointed

First quarter 2021

Online scoping survey

First quarter 2021

Review scope finalised

Second quarter 2021

Procurement of evidence reviewers

Third quarter 2021

Call for supporting evidence on finalised review topics 

Final quarter 2021

Evidence review

Second quarter 2022

Guidelines drafted 

Final quarter 2022

Targeted and public consultation

Second quarter 2023

Independent expert review  

Third quarter 2023

Final revision of Guidelines

Final quarter 2023

Development of implementation plan  

Final quarter 2023

Guidelines released 

First quarter 2024

Dietary Guidelines contact list

NHMRC has received many questions about how people can get involved in the review of the Australian Dietary Guidelines. To ensure that all interested parties have the opportunity to contribute to the review, NHMRC is creating an Australian Dietary Guidelines contact list. All interested stakeholders are invited to submit their contact details to NHMRC at any time throughout the review process. NHMRC will use this contact list during the review to communicate opportunities for involvement and to provide updates on the work.

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