Before you register

Key questions to consider before registering for NHMRC guideline approval

  • Who is funding the guideline? Note: we will not accept guidelines considered funded by industry groups
  • Does the guideline topic relate to a national health priority or an area of significant burden of disease? Note: Ensure you provide a comprehensive description of the health priority or burden of disease this guideline addresses
  • Is the guideline intended to apply nationally? 
  • Is there a current Australian guideline on the proposed topic? 
  • Has the guideline been started or is complete? Note: we do not approve guidelines retrospectively

Registering your guideline

If you have any queries about registration, contact the Clinical Practice Guidelines team at Your application will be assessed by NHMRC and confirmation of your acceptance onto the NHMRC Guideline Approval Program will be confirmed within 4 weeks. 

Clinical Guidelines Registration Form