Australian Drinking Water Guidelines - Community Water Planner: A tool for small communities to develop drinking water management plans

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The Community Water Planner (the Tool) is a web-based tool developed collaboratively by NHMRC and the National Water Commission to assist managers of remote community water supplies in managing microbiological, physical, chemical and radiological water quality risks.

Using community specific information, the Tool identifies significant risks and actions to appropriately manage the risks, and recommends appropriate monitoring strategies.

The suite of documents produced by the Tool are:

  • Risk Overview: a background document outlining the risk approach process undertaken to develop the tool and the report.
  • Management Plan: based on the community information entered into the Tool, the management plan provides an overview of the groups of risks and management approaches that may be considered, based on the general description of the community and its water supply system.
  • Action Plan: compiles the management approaches currently undertaken in the community and prioritises risk groups that do not have actions recorded against them.
  • Action Plan Help: suggests additional management approaches to complement the Action Plan.
  • Verification Monitoring Plan: recommends the minimum water quality monitoring necessary to ensure the risks identified by the Tool are adequately managed.
  • Operational Monitoring Plan: recommends the minimum operational monitoring required to manage the Tool’s identified risks.
  • Snapshots: details specific physical, chemical and radiological parameters, and links to the ADWG values and information.
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