Information for Institutions reporting on compliance against the NHMRC Funding Agreement.

Administering Institutions are required to submit an Institutional Annual Compliance Report (IACR) to NHMRC each year detailing compliance with the NHMRC Funding Agreement and other relevant policies for the previous calendar year. 

ALL Administering Institutions must submit a report, regardless whether you have actually administered NHMRC grants in the reporting year. 

Questions and Due Date

The information provided to NHMRC within each compliance report is used by NHMRC to better understand the perspectives of Administering Institutions and to assist NHMRC's management of the matters covered.

The IACR questions asked may change from year to year, depending on the current focus of compliance monitoring.

Usually, the IACR is due each year on 30 April. However for 2021, NHMRC anticipates sending out the questionnaire slightly later in the financial year due to delays in receiving and processing the previous year’s compliance report. RAOs will be notified of the 2021 due date when it is confirmed.

Failure to complete the report by the due date may result in delays to NHMRC making the scheduled monthly grant payments to the Administering Institution. 

For information purposes, a copy of last year’s IACR questionnaire is available for download below. Please note that for the 2020 IACR the questions will change.

Contact for Further Information

Please direct any enquiries regarding the IACR to:


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