Information for Institutions reporting on compliance against the NHMRC Funding Agreement.

Administering Institutions are required to submit an Institutional Annual Compliance Report (IACR) to NHMRC each year detailing ongoing compliance with the NHMRC Funding Agreement and other relevant policies for the previous calendar year. 

ALL Administering Institutions (AIs) must submit a report, regardless of whether the AI has administered NHMRC grants in the reporting year. 

Questions and Due Date

The information provided to NHMRC within each compliance report is used by NHMRC to better understand the perspectives of Administering Institutions and to assist NHMRC's management of the matters covered.

The IACR questions asked may change from year to year, depending on the current focus of compliance monitoring. The 2021 IACR survey questions relate to events/activities that occurred from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021 (the reporting year) only unless otherwise specified.

Primary Research Administration Officers (RAOs) are advised that an offline writable form document of the full IACR 2021 survey questions is available for download below. This writable offline form supports AIs in collating the response on behalf of multiple areas of the institution ahead of the submission of the survey.

Please note that some questions in the offline form may not appear in the online IACR survey as only relevant questions will appear and this will depend on your responses. NHMRC suggests that AIs answer all questions in the offline form and use this as part of their internal record.

In addition to the IACR survey if your institution no longer requires AI status, for example because the institution will not be administering grants as an Administering Institution in future or only maintained AI status to apply for Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grants (which now require separate Eligible Organisation approved status) please advise NHMRC via a letter from your Chief Executive Officer or Delegate (this is likely to be the Primary Responsible Officer) to:

The IACR survey covering 2021 was sent to Primary RAOs through email on 13 April 2022. The 2021 IACR survey is conducted using an online survey that is available through the hyperlink provided to each AI. 

The IACR survey submission due date is COB 16 May 2022

Failure to complete the report by the due date may result in delays to NHMRC making the scheduled monthly grant payments to the Administering Institution and/or may affect Administering Institution Status. 

NHMRC has also made available a User Guide for filling out the online survey.

Contact for Further Information

Please direct any enquiries regarding the IACR to: