The Targeted Call for Research (TCR): Improving infection prevention and control in residential aged care homes 2023 aims to stimulate research to better understand the factors that influence the successful implementation of infection prevention and control (IPC) programs and IPC Leads in residential aged care homes (RACHs).

The objective of this grant opportunity is to develop an evidence base that:

  • Informs how existing IPC guidelines and best practice approaches from other healthcare settings can be adapted to suit the unique environment of RACHs.
    • Identify which IPC interventions have the greatest long-term effect on infection reduction and control in RACHs.
  • Identifies the governance arrangements required to support IPC Leads to implement effective IPC programs that reduce the risk of infection. This may include consideration of:
    • the experience, education and training standards needed by an IPC Lead
    • methods to evaluate IPC Lead and IPC program performance (i.e. KPIs)
    • RACH workforce design, organisational governance and current RACHs practice standards
    • methods to train and educate RACH staff, residents, and families on IPC measures.
  • Examines the role of surveillance of infection and antimicrobial stewardship and mechanisms for implementation.

Further information about the TCR including its objectives, funds available and timeframes is available on GrantConnect.

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Duration of funding
5 years
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