This Targeted Call for Research (TCR) aims to increase long-term participation in the three national Cancer Screening Programs – breast, bowel, and cervical.

This TCR will support research that will develop the evidence base for future policies, interventions and other initiatives to increase participation across the three national Cancer Screening Programs. This may include, but is not limited to, research that:

  • Identifies and tests innovative and new approaches to increase the number of Australians participating in cancer screening. This evidence may relate to interventions by health care providers, and/or other entities, including government and non-government organisations to change the behaviour of eligible participants.
  • Builds the evidence base to identify current actions or initiatives that have limited success or are not effective in driving Australians to participate in Cancer Screening Programs.

Further information about the Cancer Screening TCR, including its objectives, funds available and timeframes is available on GrantConnect.

Outcomes for all Targeted Calls for Research.

Key changes

Information on the Cancer Screening TCR peer review process can be found in the Targeted Call for Research into Participation in Cancer Screening Programs 2021 Peer Review Guidelines  (see Download section below).