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Update — issues with NHMRC telephone system (updated 28/9/16)

NHMRC has implemented a temporary solution to the phone system fault.

We will provide further updates as information becomes available.

If you dial a Canberra office number, the following will occur:  

  1. A recorded message will ask you to enter the last four digits of the direct number (the extension).
  2. If you enter the extension, you will be transferred directly to that extension.
  3. If you do not enter an extension, you will be transferred to Canberra reception.

Further advice will be issued as information becomes available. Email service is not affected and is the preferred contact method until normal phone services are restored.

For specific assistance please contact:

Please email if you are unable to find the specific email address you need.

A list of key contacts within NHMRC can be found at the following webpage.

Research Help Centre

  • RGMS and general research funding inquiries.

Direct contacts within NHMRC

  • Contact details for some specific areas within NHMRC.

Feedback on NHMRC

  • NHMRC values your feedback and welcomes comments and suggestions about any aspect of our service.

Freedom of Information

Make a complaint about NHMRC's activities, policies or decision making

  • NHMRC has formal procedures for responding to complaints about its activities, policies or decision-making.

Commissioner of Complaints

  • The Commissioner of Complaints is a position established under the National Health and Medical Research Council Act to investigate complaints concerning action taken by the Chief Executive Officer of the NHMRC (CEO) or the NHMRC Research Committee in relation to an application for funding made on or after 24 June 1993.

Reporting Research Misconduct

  • NHMRC has formal procedures for responding to complaints about research misconduct.

Consumers - have your say

NHMRC is committed to ensuring community input into its work. This can happen through:

If you would like to raise an issue with NHMRC, please use the contact channels above.