NHMRC has reviewed the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating a variety of clinical conditions with the aim of providing Australians with reliable information about its use. This page contains the NHMRC Statement, the Information Paper detailing the evidence as well as an Administrative report.

The comprehensive assessment of the evidence included:

  • a systematic review of the evidence from available systematic reviews (an overview) on the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating a variety of clinical conditions in humans
  • a report on evidence submitted to the NHMRC prior to the commencement of the review
  • a report on evidence submitted to the NHMRC during public consultation on the draft information paper
  • consideration of published guidelines and other government reports.

The evidence identified in this assessment of the evidence has been summarised in a NHMRC Information Paper.

An NHMRC Statement has also been developed, based on the Information Paper.

The Administrative Report provides a brief summary of the processes underpinning the homeopathy review, as well as links to a number of additional documents:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Summary of responses to public consultation submissions
  • Summary of responses to expert review feedback
  • List of studies considered in the Overview and Review of submitted literature.

Homeopathy Working Committee

A Homeopathy Working Committee was established to guide the evidence review. The committee membership included researchers and experts in evidence-based medicine and complementary medicine.

Commonwealth Ombudsman's review

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has finalised its investigation of a complaint related to NHMRC, with no adverse findings against NHMRC.

In January 2017 the Commonwealth Ombudsman received a Public Interest Disclosure from an anonymous complainant concerning the conduct of the 2015 NHMRC review into the effectiveness of homeopathy.

On 4 August 2023 the Commonwealth Ombudsman issued a public statement noting that the investigation had been finalised. No adverse findings were made about the review or NHMRC.

NHMRC welcomes the findings of the Ombudsman review and resolution of this matter. We continue to review and improve our guideline development processes to ensure our health advice and guidelines are based on the best available scientific evidence and continue to be developed according to rigorous standards.

24 August 2023