Cultural Competency in health: A guide for policy, partnerships and participation is designed to help policy makers and stakeholders develop culturally competent policies throughout the health system.

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Governments and health services may be better equipped to tackle Australia’s future health issues cultural issues are integrated into the planning and delivery of health care.

Research and consultation discussion paper

The model in the Guide is based on the results of qualitative research products commissioned for the project by the NHMRC, which included the analysis of written submissions on the issue and impact of cultural competency, a literature review and national consultations involving the health, community and ethnic communities sectors. The research and consultation report Increasing Cultural Competency for Healthier Living and Environments is provided for information.

'Cultural Competency in Health' Powerpoint Presentation

The powerpoint presentation is provided for the use of interested individuals and organisations in the delivery of workshops and short courses. It may be used to stimulate discussion about the concept of 'cultural competency', and to facilitate awareness of the NHMRC Guide "Cultural Competency in Health: A guide for policy, partnerships and planning".