Professor Anne Kelso AO
Former CEO, National Health and Medical Research Council
( from April 2015 to July 2023)
26 October 2022

Support for excellent health and medical research in Australia continues in the 2022-23 October Budget handed down on 25 October 2022.  

Current projections indicate that new commitments from the Medical Research Endowment Account (MREA) will reach $924 million for the 2022 NHMRC grant round. 

The Government’s funding for health and medical research through the Medical Research Endowment Account (MREA) will continue to grow with indexation over the Budget and forward estimates, with total funding projected to reach almost $3.7 billion in the four years to 2025-26.  

This support is in addition to the significant funding that will be provided from the Medical Research Future Fund, projected to total $2.6 billion over the next four years. 

The Women's Budget Statement, issued with the Budget, recognises NHMRC’s current work to develop a statement on sex and gender analysis in research, and the new intervention to award equal numbers of Investigator Grants to women and men to address gender inequities in research funding.