Born too soon – A better life for preterm babies

'In ten years' time, somebody might ask what I'm most proud of and I suspect it might be this,' said Associate Professor Simpson.

Developing immunity to cancer

'I am passionate about finding cures for cancer,' said Dr Waithman.

Healthier hearts in the tropical north

'I am motivated by a desire for better equity in health, by unsolved questions and by inspirational mentors.

Helping children get the best start to life

Professor Hiscock has always been passionate about helping children to ensure they have the best start to life.

Improving carer wellbeing and empowering Indigenous communities

'Older Aboriginal people play a vital role in the health of their communities, including providing leadership and support, holding…

Lessons from the best to improve Indigenous health services: a collaborative learning approach

Now living and working on Bindal and Wulgurukaba country in Townsville, Professor Larkins is a general practitioner and health systems…

Metal complexes for the treatment of age-related diseases of the brain

'My primary motivation is my love of science.

Mind the gap – Filling in the missing evidence for massive blood transfusion policy

Professor Cooper's Project Grant focused on improving outcomes for patients with critical bleeding requiring massive transfusion.

Smiles saved with a major improvement in dental health of young Aboriginal children

The Chief Dental Officer for NSW, Professor Clive Wright and his successor, Dr Peter Hill, agreed to support a pilot study to determine…

Dr Joanne Reed, Dr Deborah Burnett and Professor Goodnow - all wearing white lab coats and looking at some printouts of a scan.

Unravelling genomes to find an answer

'Yet, I could not find an explanation for why these diseases occurred in any scientific literature, let alone treatments that were…