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10 of the Best 2005

This publication is the result of a grant outcomes review, for grants that commenced in 1999 and were completed in 2003.

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10 of the Best 2006

The projects selected for inclusion were chosen by the NHMRC Final Report Review Group, chaired by Professor John Funder AO, which…

10 of the Best 2007-2008

10 of the best celebrates success stories from 10 of Australia’s leading health and medical research teams, whose work has been…

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10 of the Best 2009

In this edition of 10 of the Best, you will find descriptions of 10 of the best medical research projects carried out in 2009.

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10 of the Best 2010

The researchers profiled in this publication have dedicated their careers to tackling the health issues that affect all Australians.

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10 of the Best 2011

2011 marks 75 years of NHMRC support for Australian health and medical research.

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10 of the Best 2012

This year’s Ten of the Best highlights how important research and research translation are to improved health outcomes.


10 of the Best 2013

Each year, the work of our researchers adds new evidence to our growing knowledge and understanding of health, improving our ability to…


10 of the Best 2014

The 2014 edition of 10 of the Best describes 10 Australian health and medical research projects chosen from among the thousands of NHMRC…

10 of the Best 2015

10 of the Best 2015 highlights projects completed in the previous year that have achieved results of particular significance for the…

10 of the Best 2016

Here we showcase 10 research projects which illustrate the extraordinary quality and diversity of work being undertaken with NHMRC…

10 of the Best – Thirteenth Edition

The projects featured here exemplify hundreds of successful high-quality projects funded each year by NHMRC.

10 of the Best – Twelfth Edition

This edition highlights research projects across a broad spectrum of topics, including cancer immunology, youth mental health,…