Further information about the EU Implementing Arrangement

What is the Implementing Arrangement?

Implementing Arrangements are an initiative of the European Research Council (ERC) designed to boost opportunities for scientists supported by foreign agencies to join the research teams of ERC grantees in Europe. 

The Implementing Arrangement NHMRC has with the ERC enables NHMRC-funded researchers to carry out research visits (when possible) or work remotely with the ERC supported European teams. Researchers can participate through a single, long-term (e.g. up to 12 months) visit or multiple short-term visits (e.g. for joint experiments).

It is expected that research visits (when possible) begin at least 12 months prior to the termination date of relevant NHMRC grants. Multiple short-term visits should aggregate to a jointly determined minimum (e.g. three months).

A full list of ERC opportunities available for NHMRC-funded researchers can be found at the 'Downloads' section below. Interested researchers can contact us for further details about a specific ERC team. 

For more information see the European Research Council's Additional Opportunities section on their website.

Can I accept an exchange to Europe without affecting my NHMRC grant?

NHMRC-funded researchers must comply with the terms and conditions of their grants. In accordance with the rules that apply to NHMRC grants, they will be required to obtain approval from their respective Administering Institution before commencing a collaborative agreement with their European counterparts.

Prospective applicants should be aware that NHMRC requires the Chief Investigator A (CIA) to be based in Australia for at least 80 per cent of the funding period, except for overseas Early Career Fellowships, NHMRC or Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Emerging Leadership Fellows (under Investigator Grants). Recipients of these fellowships must be based in Australia for at least 50 per cent of the funding period.

There is more flexibility for other Chief Investigators (CIB to CIJ) on a Project Grant, Ideas Grant, Strategic and Leveraging Grants or Synergy Grant. 

How will it work?

The ERC has solicited expressions of interest from ERC grantees in hosting NHMRC-funded researchers to contribute to their research teams in Europe.
The ERC developed a list of interested ERC-supported teams to host NHMRC-funded researchers. We encourage NHMRC-funded researchers to explore these opportunities, see the 'Downloads' section below and contact ERC for further details about a specific team or project. 

If you take up this opportunity please let us know by emailing the following details to international@nhmrc.gov.au:

  • ERC team you are collaborating with
  • Project name
  • Length of collaboration.

Please note: under this arrangement NHMRC does not provide additional financial support to NHMRC grantees. This activity is an allowable expense under your existing NHMRC grant, refer to ‘Can I accept an exchange to Europe without affecting my NHMRC grant?’ above.

How will it work with travel limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

We recommend that NHMRC-funded researchers contact the ERC supported European team to discuss how a remote collaboration would work. 

Who to contact for further information?

Please email us if you require further information.

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