NHMRC has made a commitment to transparency throughout the review process.

Part of this transparency will be communicating the outcomes of committee meetings.

Communication Log

To foster trust in the review of the Australian Dietary Guidelines and to increase transparency, NHMRC will publish  a summary of meetings, correspondence and relevant phone calls from external stakeholders relating to the review of the Guidelines.

External stakeholder interactions are included on the Review of the 2013 ADG Communications Log if they relate to the Guidelines review and the communications aim to influence the Guidelines review process and/or outcomes.

Examples of stakeholder communications that will be included:

  • sending evidence (when unsolicited by NHMRC)
  • outlining a viewpoint via written correspondence or phone call in relation to the Guidelines review process or content
  • requesting meetings with NHMRC to discuss the review of the Guidelines.

Exceptions to this process are requests from foreign governments and routine administrative requests from other areas of government. Communication for the purpose of making a simple enquiry or request, unrelated to the development of the Guidelines, will not be published.

The communication log is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Information current as of 21 June 2021.


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