NHMRC offers a range of funding pathways, depending on your objectives, funding amount, timeframes and other preferences. The Partnering Decision Tree  below presents potential partners with options to assist in making a decision on the type of funding model to adopt.

A diagram of the Partnering Decision Tree is available in the Download section below.


Step 1

How do you wish to work with NHMRC to support research?

Do you wish to provide funding for health and medical research?

Step 2

Visit NHMRC working together to support health and medical research

Do you wish to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research? Visit NHMRC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research.

Step 3

What do you wish to achieve?

  • Build capacity in an area of research interest
  • Support excellence in an area of research interest
  • Support a specific research area

Step 4

What prerequisites should be considered?

  • Total amount of funding available
  • Duration of commitment
  • A one off or recurring contribution


    Step 5 - Funding pathways

    Table: Funding pathways and key characteristics
    Funding pathways Key characteristics
    Support a specific research project in partnership with researchers
    • Researchers can partner with organisations under NHMRC's Partnership Project Scheme
    • Cash and/or in-kind support
    • Opportunity to shape the research questionand leverage additional NHMRC funding
    • Support a research project (Case study 1A)
    Support an existing NHMRC grant program

    Co-funding provides increased support for existing program (Case study 2A)

    Gap funding allows you to choose from a list of high quality applications which exceed NHMRC’s budget to fund (Case study 2B)

    Top-up funding provides funds to successful applicants in addition to the funds NHMRC has awarded (Case study 2C)

    Co-design a grant program with NHMRC to address a specific issue
    • A flexible funding model which can be tailored to specific needs 
    • Work with NHMRC to develop a one-time call to address a specific health issue that aligns with NHMRC’s mission (Case Study 3A or Case Study 3B)
    Use NHMRC systems to support your own grant program
    • Benefit from NHMRC’s well-established application and rigorous peer review processes
    • Retain responsibility for, and control over, all program elements (Case study 4A)
    Support health and medical research philanthropically through a gift or bequest
    • Make a donation or nominate NHMRC as a beneficiary in a final testament
    • Gifts and bequests received are placed into, and will be retained in NHMRC’s Medical Research Endowment Account (MREA)
    • For information, visit NHMRC’s Prospectus for Philanthropic Organisations



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