Guidance for researchers and Administering Institutions on fulfilling their reporting requirements, including financial, scientific and institutional reporting and approvals.

Transitional arrangements for grant reporting activities – updated December 2022

NHMRC has migrated basic grant data from RGMS to Sapphire as part of the transition for grant management from RGMS to Sapphire. Additional data will be migrated to Sapphire as outlined on Sapphire Help under 'Select and Post Award'.

Deployment of Sapphire financial reporting capability is planned for 10 December 2022 and Financial Report submission will return to standard submission timeframes for 2022 Annual Financial Statements.

Information on Sapphire financial reporting is on the Financial Reporting page. 

Overdue milestones

We are aware that several grants migrated from RGMS to Sapphire are showing incorrect overdue milestones in Sapphire. Where this is due to a system error, these are being addressed in upcoming system updates.

MREA Scientific Reports (Progress and Final reports) can be submitted in Sapphire for all grants where this would have been done using RGMS. Information on submitting Final Reports and Progress Reports can be found on Sapphire Knowledge Base.

MRFF Reports are to continue to be submitted offline to using the templates available on Scientific reporting.

For non-financial reports all original due dates remain unless agreed on a case-by-case basis.