The Community water planner: A tool for small communities to develop drinking water management plans was a web-based tool developed to help assess and manage the risks in remote Australian community water supplies.

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The Community Water Planner was developed collaboratively by NHMRC and the National Water Commission to assist managers of remote community water supplies in managing microbiological, physical, chemical and radiological water quality risks. The tool used community-specific information to identify significant risks and to recommend appropriate risk management and monitoring strategies as part of a tailored risk management plan. The Community Water Planner was decommissioned on 12 June 2020 as the platform was no longer supported.

Local community water managers can refer to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) (2011) risk management framework for information on the management of drinking water in Australia.  

Water managers are also encouraged to access existing risk management plan templates that may be available from jurisdictional drinking water regulators:

In addition, Water Research Australia’s Community Water Planner Field Guide contains guidance that might be useful in risk management planning.

See here for a list of additional resources.

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