Developing your guideline

Modules in the planning section of Guidelines for Guidelines are:

  • Forming the questions (released for public consultation)
  • Deciding what evidence to include (planned for 2019)
  • Identifying the evidence (released for public consultation)
  • Selecting studies (planned for 2019)
  • Synthesising evidence (released for public consultation)
  • Assessing risk of bias (released for public consultation)
  • Assessing certainty of evidence (released for public consultation)
  • Using evidence from animal studies (planned for 2019)
  • Using modelling studies (planned for 2019)
  • Evidence to decision (in development)
  • Making actionable recommendations (in development)
  • Multimorbidity (planned for 2019)
  • Diagnosis (planned for 2019)
  • Prognosis (planned for 2019)
  • Structuring and reporting the guideline (planned for 2019)

ISBN: 978-1-86496-024-2