The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, 2018 (the 2018 Code) establishes a framework for responsible research conduct that provides a foundation for high-quality research, credibility and community trust in the research endeavour.  

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The 2018 Code is a principles-based document that articulates the broad principles and responsibilities that underpin the conduct of Australian research.

Developed jointly by the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Australian Research Council and Universities Australia, the 2018 Code has broad relevance across all research disciplines.

Adherence to the 2018 Code is a prerequisite for the receipt of funding by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Guidance to support the Code

The 2018 Code should be read alongside the Guide to Managing and Investigating Potential Breaches of the Code, 2018 (the Investigation Guide) - see 'Download' below. This guide outlines a model process for institutions to use to manage and investigate potential breaches of the 2018 Code.

The 2018 Code will be supported by guides on specific topics to encourage responsible research conduct. The co-authors have released guides on: 

Additional guides to support the 2018 Code are currently being developed. 

NHMRC recognises the critical contribution that consumers can make to research, as well as their right to participate in research. The Statement on consumer and community involvement in health and medical research (the Statement) complements the Code, by guiding research institutions, researchers, consumers and community members in the active involvement of consumers and community members in all aspects of health and medical research. The Code, together with the Statement establishes a framework for credibility and community trust in publically funded research.

For further information please refer to the following webpage about the release of the 2018 Code