Sapphire will be regularly updated as part of NHMRC’s effort to continuously improve the user experience of our grant management system. See below for the detailed explanation of the improvements made to Sapphire.

March 2021

1. Updating your publications in Sapphire

NHMRC recently launched new functionality allowing researchers to link an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) to their Sapphire Profile. In total, Sapphire currently supports three methods to add publications to a Profile:

  1. Manually adding each Publication entry individually, 
  2. Importing an EndNote Library, or
  3. Linking your ORCID ID to your Sapphire profile and importing selected ‘Works’.*

* - Unless your ORCID Works already have Contributors added, Authors will need to be manually entered following the publication import into Sapphire from ORCID.

More information on updating publications is available in the Researcher/My Profile section of the Sapphire Knowledge Base webpage, or by contacting the Research Help Centre - 

Based on feedback received from various system users, the following functional changes are being implemented to improve Sapphire. 

Important information - Users are encouraged to close their internet browser and commence a new session before logging into Sapphire.  

A. Changes to the menu navigation


Menu closed by default

Following new release:

Menu is open by default.

Benefit: Improved navigation for system users that also participate in NHMRC Peer Review. 

B. Assessor bulk download 

Assessors can now refine the download documents package they generate from the Suitability Survey and My Assessments list. These lists can be refined to:

  • Download documents for applications with incomplete suitability declarations; or
  • Download application document packages for all assigned applications, or only for applications that have not yet been completed.
  • Documents retrieved by the “My Assessments” download all will now be unique to your role. 

Benefit: Reduces the amount of documents downloaded. 

Important information – If suitability surveys are displaying empty values when clicking 'show incomplete', users should refresh their browser and click the ‘show incomplete’ button again. 

C. My Assessments list

New functions now available:

  • Sort and filter can be applied
  • Indigenous Research Excellence Criteria (IREC) determination list
  • Shared Assessments

Benefit: Improved functionality and streamlined functions to support Peer Reviewers. 

Sortable and Filterable

Sorts and Filters applied will inform the documents retrieved under bulk download. 

Indigenous Research Excellence Criteria (IREC) determination list

If your assessment requires additional information from other assessors E.g. The IREC Assessor comments, you will now be able to see: 

  1. If an application requires an IREC assessment 
  2. The status of this IREC assessment
    1. Not Applicable – Not an IREC application. 
    2. Awaiting – IREC assessment not yet available.
    3. Not IREC – Application does not satisfy IREC. To be considered as a standard application.
    4. Is IREC - you will be able to download additional documentation from the application relating to the IREC criteria, as well as access the shared assessment.

Shared Assessment 

If your assessment requires additional information from other assessors, by selecting the hamburger menu, you can view the assessor role and stage, and then access the detailed comments for the shared questions.




Important information – If users experience an error message (error 500) when submitting an assessment form, please refresh the browser and click on the ‘Submit’ button again. 

Sapphire now provides RAOs with new dashboards and enhancements to existing dashboards to assist in the management of applications:

  • A new CI – Application Count dashboard. This displays Chief Investigators listed on more than one application within a Grant Opportunity; and
  • Enhancements to the Application Status and Application Progress dashboards.

Details on how to use the dashboards can be found on the Sapphire Tutorials page under Institution – Our Applications.

February 2021

Sapphire now allows you to connect your Sapphire profile to the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID). ORCID is an internationally recognised, open, non-profit resource that links unique researcher identifiers to research activities, data and outputs.

Connecting your Sapphire profile with ORCID will provide you with greater flexibility in managing your publication history. You can continue to manage publications manually or manage them in a single repository (ORCID) and import them as required into Sapphire, reducing the need to double handle your publication information. 

An ORCID account is required to link publications to Sapphire. To register for an ORCID account visit

For additional assistance, please contact the NHMRC Research Help Centre via email -

January 2021

The Send Invite button has been removed. Invites will be automatically generated by a workflow which will run every 3 minutes.


  • When a new CI is added to the application team, the Send Invite button needed to be pressed.

Previous CI screen with send invite button

Following new release:

  • The Sent Invite button has been removed.
  • The email and Acceptance notification are automatically created by a workflow that runs every 3 minutes.
  • Once a researcher accepts an invitation to become a member of a Research Team, this will be indicated in the application.

New CI invite image

New invite sent image

New notification image

New accepted invite image

Re-acceptance is no longer required when a CI swaps their CI role.


  • When swapping from one CI role to another CI role, a fresh invite, email and Acceptance notification were created.

Following new release:

  • Moving from one CI role to another CI role will no longer create fresh invite, email or Acceptance notification.

On all application forms the GO is to be added on the Application Details page. This will be particularly useful for applicants and RAOs who look at applications across many opportunities.

Following new release:

  • At the top of the Application details page a new field has been added, GO Name.

Application form with GO name