The translation of health and medical research provides the best opportunity for populations to receive excellent health care and drive advances and breakthroughs in health care in Australia. 

NHMRC recognises leading centres of collaboration in Australia that excel in the provision of research based health care and training through two initiatives:

  • Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres (AHRTCs) – established in 2014
  • Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (CIRHs) – established in 2016 to specifically recognise centres that address regional Australia population needs.

The core aim of the AHRTC and CIRH initiatives (collectively known as the Translation Centre initiative) is to encourage excellent health research and translation in Australia by bringing together researchers, healthcare providers, education and training to improve the health and well-being of patients and the populations they serve, including in regional/remote areas for CIRHs.

To date, NHMRC has accredited the seven AHRTCs and two CIRHs listed below (collectively known as the Translation Centres). The Translation Centres have formed the Australian Health Research Alliance to collaborate nationally on a number of priorities it has identified.

Translation Centres

What are the Translation Centres doing and why? 

NHMRC asked representatives of accredited Centres to tell us about how they are working independently and together, to drive improvements in health services and clinical trials in Australia, and work with end-users of research, including vulnerable populations, to ensure that their research is informed by a range of perspectives and identified needs. 

Watch the videos to hear what they had to say

NHMRC accreditation

To be accredited as an AHRTC or CIRH, interested groups are required to demonstrate competitiveness at the highest international levels across all relevant areas of health care. Accreditation is valid for up to five years.

All applications for accreditation are reviewed by an international panel that use criteria for AHRTC or CIRH accreditation.

Current opportunities

The 2018 Call for AHRTC and CIRH submissions (for NHMRC accreditation in 2019) closed on 18 March 2019.

An international Translation Centre Review Panel has been established to assess applications and interview shortlisted applicants in August 2019. 

Any enquiries should be submitted in writing to:

Future Rounds

NHMRC will not schedule another call until the review of its Translation Centre initiative (the Review) has been conducted. The terms of reference for the Review is available below.

The Review has commenced and is expected to conclude this year. NHMRC will advise of its decision on whether to schedule another call following consideration of the Review outcomes. 

Closed opportunities

Information about previous opportunities is available below: 

  • 2018 Call for AHRTC and CIRH submissions (under review)
  • 2016 Call for AHRTC and CIRH submissions (for recognition in 2017)
    • 2017 Report to NHMRC from the International Review Panel – Recognition of AHRTCs and CIRHs
    • 2016 Call for submissions for recognition by NHMRC as an AHRTC 
    • 2016 AHRTC call for submissions - Q&A
    • 2016 Call for Submissions for recognition by NHMRC as a CIRH
    • 2016 CIRH Call for submissions - Q&A
  • 2014 Call for AHRTC submissions (for recognition in 2015)
  • 2015 Report to the NHMRC from the International Panel
  • 2014 Call for submissions for recognition by NHMRC as an Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre - update 28 July 2014 
  • 2016 Translational Research Projects (information available on the Australian Government Web archive)