NHMRC’s Research Quality Steering Committee was established to provide advice about enhancing the quality of NHMRC-funded research.

Terms of reference (2018–2021)

The Research Quality Steering Committee will: 
1.    Advise NHMRC’s CEO on mechanisms for enhancing quality in NHMRC-funded research through rigour, transparency and reproducibility, including:

    (i)    identification of factors that enable or hinder rigour, transparency and reproducibility in research
    (ii)   short and long-term strategies for improving rigour, transparency and reproducibility in NHMRC-funded research, and
    (iii)  measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of any strategies implemented.

2.    Ensure that advice outlined in Point 1 is based on international best practice and takes into account the outcomes of previous work conducted by NHMRC.
3.    Perform other functions related to enhancing quality in NHMRC-funded research as requested by the CEO.

Meeting summaries

Summary of major topics discussed at meetings - see ‘Download’ section.

Glasziou AO

Centre for Research in Evidence Based Practice
Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine
Bond University


Member of Board of Therapeutic Guidelines (unpaid).
CI on NHMRC Program Grant and Centres for Research Excellence.
Chair of the RACGP's Handbook of NonDrug Intereventions (HANDI). This web handbook provides evidence-based non-drug interventions, and gives free access to everyone via the RACGP website. My travel and accommodation are covered, and committee session time is reimbursed.



Open Access Australasia


I am Director of the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group (which is supported by 10 Australia and a coalition of New Zealand Universities) and Adviser to the Office of Research Ethics & Integrity and the Library at QUT I have an honorary (unpaid) appointment at Griffith University.

I am involved with many Open Access, publishing, reporting and ethics initiatives, currently including HIFA and Evidence AID. Other activities include: Editorial Board member Research Integrity and Peer Review Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Data in Science Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines Coordinating Committee Bond University Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice Advisory Board NHMRC 2018 Symposium on Ensuring Value in Research Program Committee Cochrane Library Oversight Committee (Chair, beginning Feb 2018) SCOAP3 Governing Council Australian Representative UniTec (NZ) ePress Editorial Committee Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) 15 Working group Vivli’s External Advisory Committee OA2020 Advisory Committee.

I am often reimbursed for travel if invited to speak. Otherwise travel is paid for by my employers. In 2018 travel thus far includes: My travel to the 2018 APRI meeting was paid for by the Taiwanese organisers Travel to CERN for a SCOAP3 meeting was paid for by CERN in March 2018 Travel to specific universities is paid by those universities eg La Trobe in March 2018.

My husband has grants from NHMRC. The topic of the grants are unrelated to my work.

I have applied for NHMRC grant funding.

I speak regularly on open access, and transparency in research. I am not paid for these talks.

I regularly write on open access, transparency and related topics. All my publications are listed at my ORCiD profile https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2358-2440 

I was a contributor to the design of QUT's Research Integrity Online program. This program is now being marketed to other institutions by QUT and I will receive a portion of any payment QUT receives from these institutions.

C. Glenn

International BioTechnology Consultant   


History of involvement in clinical trials for over 20 years, but not involved in clinical trial activity at this time.
Honorary Director, AKBC to promote research and biotech collaboration between the two countries.
Numerous scientific publications, including those focused on research quality/reproducibility.
Numerous public presentations on the issue of scientific integrity including to President Obama's Science Council, meetings of the Wellcome Trust, the US Academies of Science, and numerous universities.
Consulting for several US-based international companies focused on cancer drug discovery.
Advising SA Health and CCB on commercialisation opportunities.
Consulting for Australian VC funds and companies on commercialisation opportunities.
Serving as a Reviewer for the MRFF-Frontiers Grants program.
Scientific Advisory Board for drug discovery IgMBio.
Scientific Advisory Board for Parthenon inc (Boston).
Working as an independent international biotech consultant.
Owns shares in several biopharma companies.
Involved in advising on projects suitable for translation/commercialisation as Member of Advisor Council for WA Government on investments to promote research and innovation in Western Australia, and Member of the Advisory Committee for the Accelerator program at Queensland Institute of Medical Research.


Chair (Research) and Head, Anatomy & and Cell Biology
Head, Cellular and Genetic Medicine Unit
School of Medical Sciences
University of New South Wales


Employed by UNSW Sydney that administers NHMRC grant monies, uses animals in research, and contributes to the discussion on the use of animals for biomedical research.

Chief Investigator on NHMRC Project Grants.

Past, current and future application to NHMRC for research and people support.

Member of NHMRC Assigners Academy and Grant Review Panels; Science Assessor for Development Grants.

NHMRC Guideline - Guidelines to AECs on Xenotransplantation (2010).

Australian Government/NHMRC/ARC Guideline – Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th edition (2013).

NHMRC Guideline - A Guide to the care and use of Australian native mammals in research and teaching (the Guide) (2014) (Chair of approval committee).

NHMRC Guideline - Principles and guidelines for the care and use of non-human primates for scientific purposes (2016) (Chair of NHP working committee).

NHMRC Guidance - Best practice methodology in the use of animals for scientific purposes (2017) (Member of working committee).


Professor in Neurosciences and Brain Plasticity
School of Medicine
University of Tasmania


Ongoing (research only) appointment at Level E at the School of Medicine, University of Tasmania, Hobart. Honorary (no salary) appointment as Principal Research Fellow at the Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health.

A member of the ARRIVE guidelines committee. AIrfares and accommodation provided by the UK NC3Rs for me to attend the ARRIVE guidelines preparation meeting in 2017.

Airfares and accommodation were provided by the Brisbane Exhibition and Conference Center for me to present a bid to hold the Brain'23 meeting in Australia.

Act as panel member on the Drug Discovery and Translation Flagship of the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance. I receive no remuneration from the ACvA.


Senior Epidemiologist
Cancer Research Division
Cancer Council NSW


Employed at Cancer Council NSW since 2001 which is a funder of cancer research. Have honorary appointment in School of Public Health at University of Sydney and conjoint appointment in School of Medicine and Public Health at University of Newcastle.

Over last three years as a chief investigator: Project grants from NHMRC, PCFA, NHMRC CRE grant on cancer outcomes for Indigenous people, Cancer Council NSW STREP grant on cancer outcomes for Indigenous people.

Received sitting fees for NHMRC SToRE Committee and grant review panels; Received sitting fees for MSAC Evaluation Subcommittee meetings until December 2014.

Meals provided when attending NHMRC committee meetings; Meals provided when attending MSAC Evaluation Subcommittee meetings until December 2014.

Received travel and hotel accommodation when attending NHMRC committee meetings in Canberra; Travel and accommodation to attend MSAC Evaluation Subcommittee meetings until December 2014.

Peer-reviewer for a number of national and international journals; Assessor for NHMRC and a number of international research funding bodies.

Member of Expert Advisory Groups for development of a number of clinical practice guidelines on prostate cancer, prostate cancer screening, colorectal cancer and colonoscopy surveillance.

NHMRC Handbook on how to use the evidence 2000 GRADE group's early publications: lead author on previous handbook providing guidance for guideline development; Former member and author for GRADE group.

Affiliation with Cochrane Collaboration as an Executive Editor and systematic review author.

Meals provided when attending guideline expert advisory panel meetings at Cancer Council Australia.


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