Within the framework of the Corporate Plan, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has established a strategy to guide new and existing activities with our international partners.


Australian health and medical researchers collaborate internationally to improve the health of the Australian community, our region and the world.


Foster Australian participation in international networks and collaborative health and medical research.

  • The health and wellbeing of the Australian community is interconnected with, and dependent on, the health of the world and our region.
  • Australian researchers benefit from, and contribute to, the capacity and expertise of the international research community.
  • Addressing shared health challenges requires transnational leadership and cooperation between international funding bodies.
  • Participate in global organisations of funders to share information and foster collaboration on common goals.
  • Create opportunities for Australian researchers to collaborate internationally to enhance their expertise, capabilities and networks.
  • Collaborate with international funding partners on opportunities to address shared health priorities and build regional capacity.
  • Build strategic alliances with international funding bodies and government agencies to promote international best practice in research.
Priority 1: Collaboration in the Indo-Pacific region

Goal: NHMRC fosters health research collaboration in the Indo-Pacific region and contributes to regional research capacity building


  • Engage in targeted funding opportunities to support regional collaboration and capacity building
  • Participate in global organisations and multilateral alliances that build regional capacity
  • Seek other opportunities to facilitate collaboration and researcher exchange in the region
Priority 2: Shared global health priorities

Goal: NHMRC grants support research on shared global health priorities to build a healthy Australia and world


  • Engage in targeted bilateral and multilateral funding arrangements that address shared global health challenges
  • Participate in global organisations and multilateral alliances that foster collaboration on global health issues
  • Collaborate internationally to support research to improve health outcomes for First Nations people in Australia and internationally
Priority 3: Researcher capability and research impact

Goal: NHMRC facilitates international collaboration and researcher exchange to build Australian research capability and impact


  • Support Australian researchers to develop international networks and undertake research overseas
  • Encourage overseas-based researchers as co-investigators on NHMRC research grants
Priority 4: International networks and resources

Goal: Australian researchers have access to and benefit from international expertise, resources and best practice in the conduct of research


  • Develop and maintain strategic alliances to promote and foster Australia's international science diplomacy effort
  • Contribute to and learn from international best practice in promoting research quality, integrity, data sharing and open science
  • Promote sustainability and facilitate access to core resources for health and medical research
  • Draw on international expertise to strengthen Australian research efforts and health advice
  • The proportion of NHMRC grants with international collaborators is increased.
  • Case studies are used to demonstrate and promote the value of international collaboration for Australian research (for example, alignment with health priorities, benefits for researcher careers and/or research scope, reach and impact).

Developed through consultation with other Australian Government agencies, our Strategic Opportunities report outlines more specific and targeted initiatives that NHMRC could undertake to achieve the actions and goals set out in the Strategy.


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