Our eligibility tool helps to determine if you are eligible to apply for an Investigator, Ideas or Synergy Grant. It is for the 2024 round, for funding commencing in 2025. It was updated in early 2024, prior to the Synergy and Ideas Grant 2024 rounds opening, to incorporate streamlining to NHMRC’s eligibility policies.

This tool gives potential applicants with an indication only of their eligibility. Applicants must also read the eligibility requirements detailed in the scheme grant guidelines before applying.

When using the tool, select your NHMRC grant portfolio as it will be on 1 January 2025, based on the ‘original’, rather than the varied end date of your held grant/s.

Grants held at 1 January 2025 (original end date)
  • Active: Investigator Grant will continue beyond first year of the new grant, if awarded
  • Overlap: Final year of Investigator Grant/NHMRC Fellowship will overlap with first year of the new grant, if awarded