NHMRC invited stakeholders and members of the public to submit research priorities in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, which may form the basis of a Targeted Call for Research (TCR).

The consultation portal is now closed. Please contact the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Adviser at indigenous.advisor@nhmrc.gov.au for all inquiries.

The NHMRC Corporate Plan 2020-2021 identifies as a Major Health Issue the need to “improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”. NHMRC supports research that will provide better health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Furthermore, NHMRC is committed to allocating at least 5% of the Medical Research Endowment Account to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research.

NHMRC’s work has been guided by Road Maps 1, 2 and 3 (current version Road Map 3: A Strategic Framework for Improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Through Research (2018)). 

A TCR is a one-time solicitation for grant applications to address a specific health issue. It is intended to stimulate or greatly advance research in a particular area of health and medical science that will benefit the health of Australians. 

Information was provided to substantiate the nominated priority and how the research could contribute to improved health outcomes.

Note that submission of a suggested research topic does not guarantee a TCR or funding.

Specific Questions

To assist the assessment of research topics, please provide a brief statement in response to the following questions:

  1. What is the research priority (a significant research knowledge gap or unmet need) you are nominating? How would a TCR in this area greatly advance our understanding of this issue? (200 word maximum)
  2. What are the relevant Australian Government priorities and/or Ministerially-agreed State and Territory health research priorities linked to your nominated priority? (200 word maximum)
  3. How would a TCR in this area contribute to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and improve health outcomes for the individual and/or community? (200 word maximum)
  4. How will the TCR reduce the burden of disease on the health system and Australian economy? (200 word maximum)
  5. Are there any reports or findings that support your nomination of the suggested topic? (200 word maximum)

More than one priority nomination was allowed, but submitted each priority separately.

Next Steps

TCR proposals will be assessed and prioritised by an NHMRC working committee, which will include members of NHMRC’s Principal Committee Indigenous Caucus (NHMRC’s advisory committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and health researchers).

The results of this assessment will be considered by the full Principal Committee Indigenous Caucus. The top TCR proposal(s) and recommended priority will be provided to NHMRC’s Research Committee for consideration and advice, including recommending a budget allocation.

If Research Committee supports the TCR proposal and recommends the TCR to NHMRC’s CEO, call-specific information will be developed by an Expert Group, including detailed background to the call, scope, aims and objectives, desired outcomes, examples of research that will not be supported, and the approved budget, forming the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

Applicants to a TCR funding round must not have been involved in the Expert Group responsible for the development of the call-specific information for the TCR to which they are applying.

However, making a submission through this public call does not preclude you from applying to any TCR that may arise out of this process.

Consultation Documentation

Criteria for public call on priority areas in Indigenous health.


Please note the time zone is AEST.

Close date: 5:00pm (AEST) 8 February 2021

Extension: Please contact Indigenous.advisor@nhmrc.gov.au to discuss.


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