We understand that the course of research does not always go as planned and personal circumstances may change. If you have received a grant and circumstances have changed – for example, there has been a delay in your Research Activity – you can apply to vary your grant.

NHMRC Grant Variations

The Grantee Variation Policy describes NHMRC's policy position on varying grants:

Grantee Variation Policy - see 'Download' section below 

Grantee Variation Submission – November 2021 Update 

Grantee Variation Submission – November 2021 Update – see ‘Download’ section below

Offline RGMS Grantee Variation Request Form – see ‘Download’ section below

NHMRC is working towards the launch of the Post Award module of Sapphire in the coming months, pending final testing. The Postaward module will build on existing Sapphire application and assessment functionality that has been in production for more than twelve months for all Medical Research Endowment Account (MREA) and Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grant opportunities. To date, the Research Grant Management System (RGMS) and Sapphire have been running concurrently. Implementation of the Postaward module will enable replacement of RGMS and achievement of end to end capability in Sapphire by early 2022.  

From November 2021, some Postaward functionality will be unavailable in RGMS, including submission of variation requests, in preparation for the transfer of RGMS data to Sapphire. 

This update provides information for CIAs and RAOs on:

  • How to submit a Grantee Variation request for grants currently in RGMS 
  • How to submit a Grantee Variation request for grants currently in NHMRCs new grants management system (Sapphire)
  • New grantee variation types available in Sapphire
  • Extend end date requests for Exceptional Circumstances

MRFF Grant Variations

MRFF grants administered by NHMRC are currently managed under NHMRC’s Grantee Variation policy. The Offline Variation Submission process for grants in RGMS will also apply to MRFF grants. Variation requests for MRFF grants will considered within the scope of the NHMRC’s Grantee Variation policy with some exceptions:

Defer grant commencement

MRFF grants are expected to commence on the Schedule commencement date. NHMRC may approve variations to defer commencement date of MRFF grants where the deferred start date remains within the originally approved financial year and the request otherwise meets the requirements of NHMRC’s Grantee Variations policy. Grantees may use the ‘Defer in progress” variation type where ‘Defer grant commencement’ is not available.

Change in Full-Time Equivalent, Salary or Research Support Package for MRFF Investigator grants

This variation type is available as per NHMRC’s Grantee Variation Policy. These requests should be submitted via RGMS through the ‘Change in Research Plan’ variation type. 


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