Our rescinded guidelines are stored for historical purposes on the Australian Government Web Archive (AGWA). Below are the links to many of these. This list may not be fully comprehensive but is current at December 2017.

Aged care

Alcohol, drugs and substance abuse

Antibiotic resistance

Emergence of Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci in Australia (1996)

Blood and blood products


Cardiovascular health

Child health

Child health, Mental Health

Child health, Research

Report on Maternal Deaths in Australia - 1994 - 96 (2001)

Communicable Diseases‚ Vaccinations and Infection Control

Consumers, carers and volunteers, General Health Information

Diabetes, Eye Health

Environmental Health, Air quality

Environmental Health, Environmental Contaminants, Waste management

Environmental Health, Water Quality

Ethics, Animal

Ethics, Human

Ethics, Human, Organ Donation

Ethics, Human, Genetics and Gene Technology


(Former National Institute of Clinical Studies)

Genetics and Gene Technology

Direct-to-Consumer DNA Genetic Testing: An information resource for consumer (2012)

General Health Information, Research

Health Procedures

Health promotion

Indigenous Health

Injury, Sports Injury

Men’s Health

Mental Health

Nutrition and Diet

Organ Donation

Pain Management


Rural Health

When it's right in front of you: Assisting health care workers to manage the effects of violence in rural and remote Australia (2002)

Women's health