National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Open Access Policy is consistent with the Australian Government’s commitment to open access, open data and intellectual property (IP) management.

NHMRC supports the sharing of outputs from NHMRC funded research including publications and data. The aims of the NHMRC Open Access Policy are to mandate the open access sharing of publications and encourage open access to research data. This policy also requires that patents resulting from NHMRC funding be made findable through listing in SourceIP.

Combined, these approaches will help to increase reuse of data, improve research integrity and contribute to a stronger knowledge economy. Open access will also assist with reporting and demonstration of research achievement, improve track record assessment processes for the long term and contribute to better collaborations.

More information on research literature, research data and patents can be found in the Further Guidance document – see Download section (below).


Proposed revisions to NHMRC's Open Access Policy (April-May 2021)

In April 2021, NHMRC sought input from relevant stakeholders about proposed revisions to the Open Access Policy and Further Guidance. The proposed revisions were limited to sections of the documents on publications. A report summarising the feedback from the consultation is provided below.

While NHMRC remains committed to this objective, we will not be making revisions to our Open Access Policy for implementation from 1 January 2022. NHMRC is considering the feedback from the consultation as the policy is further refined and will continue communicating with key stakeholders in the sector as this process continues.


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