Our Open Access Policy (the Policy) is underpinned by the principle that publicly-funded research should be shared openly and at the earliest possible opportunity. Open access is about making research outputs freely available to use and share, which is distinct from simply 'free to read'.

We support the sharing of outputs from NHMRC-funded research including publications and data. The aims of the Policy are to mandate the open access sharing and use of publications arising from NHMRC-funded research and strongly encourage open access to research data.

Combined, these approaches will help to increase dissemination and improve accessibility of research, increase reuse of research data, improve research integrity and contribute to a stronger knowledge economy.

In 2022, we strengthened the Policy by:

  • removing the allowance for a 12-month period before making a publication open access and requiring publications to be made available immediately upon publication
  • requiring use of open licensing for publications, which means they can be used and shared widely.

All recipients of NHMRC grants must comply with all elements of the Policy.