Pharmaxis Ltd is an Australian pharmaceutical company established in 1998. Its research and development activities focus on new therapies to treat inflammation and fibrosis with a portfolio of products at various stages of development and approval. 

Pharmaxis has developed and manufactured two successful pharmaceutical products (Aridol® and Bronchitol®) to a worldwide market.

NHMRC supported Pharmaxis cofounders Dr Brett Charlton and Dr William Cowden early in their careers. A number of NHMRC funded researchers have also worked with the company.

Pharmaxis has achieved significant milestones for an Australian-owned company. It has developed an internationally-recognised medical research program bringing new drugs to Phase I, II and III trial stages and established partnerships with other significant research bodies and pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaxis has also fostered a new generation of medical researchers. It has employed over 100 post-graduate researchers in the fields of drug discovery and development, clinical trial design and management, pharmaceutical manufacturing, business development and capital markets.


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