Case study: Aridol® and Bronchitol

Aridol® and Bronchitol®

Aridol® (also known as Osmoale®) uses a dry mannitol powder aerosol as a test to identify asthma and assess its severity; Bronchitol® also uses dry mannitol powder to assist people with cystic fibrosis to clear their airways of mucus. Mannitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol from the sap of the manna ash tree that can be produced as a dry powder. In the 1990s, Professor Sandra Anderson and colleagues at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital began research into how inhaled mannitol can be used to diagnose asthma. An initial NHMRC grant to Professor Anderson led to over 20 years of funding from NHMRC and other sources. The journey from research to clinical trials and ultimately to a commercial product has taken 25 years. Professor Anderson, through Central Sydney Area Health Service, patented her work in 1995 and the Australian pharmaceutical company Pharmaxis licenced the patent in 2001. Through this partnership, and with the support of a range of public and private investors, they have commercialised and manufactured the two products in Australia. Aridol® received TGA approval in 2006 and Bronchitol® in 2011.

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